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No.2 Frog Walker vs Rope Rocket

 It is great that there are dedicated Arborist tools being designed and made now.  

For DdRT climbing we have developed a massive choice of hitch and hitch cord combinations together with extensive friction management systems like the ART Rope Guide. 
SRTclimbers are enjoying the Unicender,Rope Wrench, and Hitch Hiker.

They have breathed new Iife into the physical and conceptual challenges faced by arborists everyday.


Both the Unicender and Rope Wrench can be seen as 'closed' systems.  

Theoretically they do not need to be 'backed-up' by a second device.

Open-shell designs like the Petzl Ascension and Croll must be backed up as the rope can slip out of the cam.

Leaf and twigs can also enter the cam and cause it to slip on the rope.

The idea is that if one slips the other will not although I always am aware of what would happen if both slip.

The Unicender and Rope Wrench have been designed specifically for tree climbing and we can build ergonomic and efficient systems around them.

Two such systems are the Rope Rocket and the Frog Walker. 


Here is the Frog Walker.....

Top = petzl Ascension with adjustable footloop. 
Middle = Singing Tree Rope Wrench

              DMM Hitch Climber Pulley
              Bee Line hitch cord
              Tenex loopie as a chest harness
Bottom = Petzl Pantin. 

 I show two ways of holding the top ascender.

With one hand in the handle and the other above on the rope the climber can push leaf and twigs away from the cam.

For longer ascents it is comfy to draw in the chest harness very tight, lean back in to it and 'cup' both hands around the top of the ascender.  

Use small steps to conserve energy, long steps for speed. 


 And here is the Rope Rocket. 

The frog walker has most activity above the rope wrench while the rope rocket is all below.  

We can leave the top ascender and replace it with:

Small footloop. 
Bungee with modified cover. 
An I show a petzl mini traxion and a petzl tibloc. 

Attach ascender, place left foot in foot loop, put rope into the pantin, pass the bungee through the bridge ring (to conserve more energy use a pulley at this point)' and clip the bungee to the pantin.

Attach chest harness to hitch climber, stand and GO.  

Your hands will automatically 'walk' up the rope as you ascend. 

This is a wonderfully efficient system.

I opt for the mini traxion, it is smoother.

A tip for both systems is to clip a snap gate karabiner into the hole in the pantin, it'll stop the rope popping out when you least expect it.

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