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No.13  Rigging Sling with Removable Ring
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Your Rigging Sling consists of an adjustable Samson Tenex Whoopie Sling (13mm or 16mm) and 2 Antal Hard-Coated Aluminium rings. The rings offer new ideas for Arboreal Rigging. The black coating offers hard-wearing low-friction and the aluminium draws heat away from your cordage.


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1. Top Anchor Option


Basket (with 2 rings)

A ‘ring and ring’ styled top anchor gives a lightweight and twice as strong option for your top anchor.

i) Place the ring in the adjustable loop.

ii) Pull the tail of the sling to close the loop around the ring. Ensure that the rope is sitting tightly inside the ring.

iii) Smooth the splice to ensure maximum hold and zero slippage.

13 - recommended Sling SWL 1180kg

16 - recommended Sling SWL 1700kg

The 2 ring top anchor offers the following bend radius ratios - 12mm rope = 5:1. 14mm rope = 4.3:1. 16mm rope = 3.8:1.

Recommended maximum rope size = 14mm

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Choker (With 1 ring and pulley)


A traditional style choker anchor sling with one amazing difference. The smooth aluminum rigging ring ensures that the most delicate part of the sling configuration, the rope-on-rope choke, is eliminated so your slings will not burn out.  Tighten or extend the range of your pulley. Remember that the splice is strongest when choked on the eye and not the neck.

13mm - recommended SWL 590kg

16mm - recommended SWL 850kg

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2. Re-direct


With no connecting parts this makes a perfect non cross-loading redirect. Set as many as you need and use the trees inherent strength for better rigging.

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