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 No.34  SRT Techniques from around the world (2)


In 2018 The Wooden Hand produced a hand drawn booklet about SRT techniques which features climbers from Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK and America. Each month this year I will introduce a technique at ODSK.


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'Light Weight' by Takayanagi 'Charlie' Kei (Japan)


“With a short rope you can still do work and the short rope is lightweight.”

“The rope can be matched, or there about, to the tree height. Perhaps give a little extra to tie the

anchor and take a re-direct.”

“If extra length is required when trunk anchoring then add another short rope with a European

Death Knot.”

“35M = 3.4kg

Coil Time = 25 seconds

Reeve Splice = OK

Half the length = Half the price.”

The second climber from the book is Takayanagi Kei, who I call ‘Charlie’. Charlie is always looking

to update his skill set and many techniques that I use at Maruichi he picked up and explored. So I

was happy for his contribution of ‘Lightweight’ because I think that it is very suitable for the

Japanese landscape, especially when you have to walk for one or two kilometers into a site.


SRT is said to be half the rope and twice the fun, yes, you can literally cut your rope into two

pieces, and if you utilise the discarded half of a DdRT rope then a climber can accomplish a whole

range of vital techniques with just a Bend (Zeppelin, EDK etc).


Trunk Anchor, Traverse, Rescue line, Retrieve line, Double System…….


Tree work needs a climber to be flexible with their techniques and you certainly can with Charlie’s



By the way…a ‘Reeve Splice’ is a non-life support termination for attaching a throw

line or retrieve ball.

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