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 No.36  SRT Techniques from around the world (4)


In 2018 The Wooden Hand produced a hand drawn booklet about SRT techniques which features climbers from Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK and America. Each month this year I will introduce a technique at ODSK.


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'Dirch Dick Und Dunn' by Valentin Dresely (Germany)

Valentin says:

“Here is a technique I find very helpful. It helps getting around difficult parts of a climb, like returning through narrow crotches.


1. You create a safe inline anchor point on your line above the crotch - I usually use the Buddy.

2. Then taking the lanyard around the branch you secure yourself at the artificial anchor point with it. When secured you can loosen the climbing system, detach it, hand it around the crotch and attach it again to your bridge.

3. Transferring the climbers weight back in the main climbing system you can take off the inline anchor and continue climbing. Use your lanyard or the still draped over standing part of your main system to prevent a pendulum swing.”


Valentin has had a hard time over the last few years because in Germany rules of equipment use are strict and they categorically said NO to all SRT devices. Throughout this he worked to promote the ergonomic and safety aspects of SRT and translated the Rope Wrench manual into German. Now it is OK to use the Rope Wrench in Germany.

Dirch Dick Und Dunn can help novice and expert climber alike, it is a fundamental technique for SRT.

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