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 No.38  SRT Techniques from around the world (6)


In 2018 The Wooden Hand produced a hand drawn booklet about SRT techniques which features climbers from Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK and America. Each month this year I will introduce a technique at ODSK.


スクリーンショット 2019-05-01 06.58.05.png

'Go Figure' by Marcus Undery (UK)

“So I had a think about recuing a climber if their system was unusable and the rescuer had quite rightly used SRT to reach them (most likely base tied)but there wasn’t a third rope to descend with a usual DRT method. So her’s what I came up with. 

Rescuer can ascend on the hitch or use an SRT device and on arriving at a point above the climber fit on the fig8 with sling (1). After descending to reach the climber remove Fig8 and clip it to the bridge ring of the recuee (2).

Then connect bridge ring to bridge ring rescue sling.”

“Rescuers weight in the rope stops Fig(/rescuee moving down it. Rescuer descends to a point where their rescue sling pulls on the Fig8 side, that relieves weight off rescuers system and the Fig8 moves down. So the two are in balance because the hitch controls the weight on the Fig8.”

“The rescuee descends at a higher point on the rope than the rescuer so navigating through branches is easy.”

“If the rescuer takes their weight out of the system the rescuee will descend as far as the rescue sling is long. Make sure that the Fig( does not push the rescuers hitch.”

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