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 No.39  SRT Techniques from around the world (7)


In 2018 The Wooden Hand produced a hand drawn booklet about SRT techniques which features climbers from Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK and America. Each month this year I will introduce a technique at ODSK.


スクリーンショット 2019-05-01 06.58.05.png

'Slack Life' by Eric Whipple (USA)

Climbing on a bottom anchor has many benefits and a few draw backs too.  One thing that that the climber has to take care of is the anchor leg side of the system.  If you find yourself cutting close to it then Eric’s Slack Life may suit you well.  Can you work out what happens?  It turns the SRT system into a DdRT one!  Cool !


Clock it”


“Clip it”


“Slack it”


“Send it”

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