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No.52  2023 Sprin Gear Review

Consider these well designed and high quality products to help with day to day work performance. 
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Zamberlan ‘Treeology’

It has a neoprene sock not only at the upper point (like some other models), but all the way to the toe.

In fact, the outer material is not joined to it so gives a wearing sensation like comfy sneakers.

Fabric on the inner side is a kevlar type, and has a hard cup that protects the ankle bone. The outside is leather.

Rubber surrounds the lower section, it protects the shoe and helps to make foot locking easy.

The sole is designed slightly stiffer than a typical approach boot, and you may wear spurs with comfort.

I confess, the loop, that is designed for a Rope Rocket ascender, is not so strong and is liable to snap.

Even so, I whole heartedly recommended these boots for their unparalleled comfort for tree climbing.

1) Comfortable

2) Designed for tree climbing

3) Footlocking and SRS ascent

4) Ankle flexibility 

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Mystery Ranch ‘TerraFrame’

A series of three bags, the 50L bag can hold everything a climber needs, and offers comfort and packing flexibility for those that need to walk distance to the work site.

Terraframe is based on a hunting system that allows the bag and frame to separate, giving additional space when needed.

Things that I love about mine are;

1) Well made, strong and long lasting. Good value for money

2) Simple design and offers packing flexibility

3) Remove bag and use the Back Strap (, for oversized items.

4) Comfortable

5) Chainsaw fits neatly into the system after packing


A link to an article about the Terraframe:


Mystery Ranch ‘SPIFFKIT’

A perfect solution for keeping small items organized and always ready to use. 

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Teufelberger KMIII and KMIII Max

Parallel core ropes became more ubiquitous.

Both these ropes are 11mm, and low stretch.

Both work well with mechanical climbing tools (Unicender).

’Max’ has a very smooth cover that glides over branches.

Other features include;

1) Low stretch

2) Spliceable

3) Good knotability

4) Hard wearing and high quality 

Rock Exotica Rotator Shackle

Aluminium rings and shackles increase wear at the harness bridge.

This swivel has a steel pin that;

1) reduces friction of side to side movement

2) Reduces bridge wear

3) Extends swivel life 

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ISC Rope Wrench Tether

The tether has become stiffer these days, which is a bad thing.

The tether is best with some flex and a slight curve, ISC’s latest iteration seems to have everything perfectly.

Also, it looks cool. Benefits of this tether include;

1)Stiff while retains some flexibility

2)Rope Wrench engages on rope quickly

3)Attachment holes for chest harness

4)High quality 

スクリーンショット 2023-04-12 15.45.52.png


An old tool, first manufactured by the designer, Morgan Thompson, then licensed to Rock Exotica.

I have many things to say about the timeless and simple design, which I first used it in 2007, the only tool available for SRS climbing at the time.

It stayed in my storage for a long time and came out again in 2020, when I began taking seriously two rope techniques.

For those of you who may be interested in two suspension point climbing, the Unicender works very well as a second device.

It goes on and off midline easily.

It also has a unique descending function so that two devices can be used while maintaining a control hand on each.

These techniques are explained in depth at ODSK’s Level 3 workshop in Mitake.

The Unicender excels at;

1) Midline attach-ability

2) SRS & MRS

3) Descent control

4) Foot locking and Rope Rocket ascent

My friend described the Unicender as 食わず嫌い, but we all know that it is a delicious tool for one and two rope climbing techniques, he loves it as well. 

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Tree climbers have been wearing hydration packs for a long time, especially in Australia, where temperatures are crazy hot, much like Japan.

Dan Dass, who runs REECOIL, designed a fantastic system, that triples as;

1) Hydration pack

2) Harness suspender

3) SRS chest harness

The suspender points girth hitch to the harness and then clip to the pack.

So climber may leave the whole thing intact, like a parachute harness, or remove the pack to keep hydrating while doing ground works.

The SRS attachment has a little swivel that fits an XSRE carabiner, it is lightweight and looks cool, and you will forget it is there when you are climbing.

Dan has given great attention to detail, this pack is highly recommended. 


A new project for ODSK’s YouTube channel that discusses equipment and techniques with staff members and friends.

We are open for subject requests and welcome you to join in the talk session at Ome with us. 

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It has been in a state of evolution since 1998 and the seventh iteration is lightweight and comfortable.

Taking influence from Don Blair in the US, the Tree Austria series kept large Side D rings in the American style, but with synthetic fabric rather than leather.

Through the years it has improved the climbers comfort and centre of gravity by adjusting the leg pad shape and hip/back/ bridge connection design.

The Lower connection points are webbing, which connect to a ring that allows one or two bridge options.

Recommended to be worn with suspenders or the Audax Hydration Pack 

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